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The Indiana Citizen is a non-partisan, non-profit platform dedicated to increasing the number of informed, engaged Hoosier voters.


Russell Cox is a founding member of Cox, Sargeant & Burns, P.C. He and Mary Lou have two children.

Trevor Foughty is the Associate Vice President for State Relations at IU. He is the publisher of Capitol & Washington. He and Whitney have two children.

Michael Goldenberg is a retired Duke Energy executive who headed up the company’s regulated and non-regulated products and services portfolio across its six-state territory and a customer base of more than five million. He and Rita have two children.

Bob Grand is the managing partner of Barnes & Thornburg LLP. He and Melody have two sons and a granddaughter.

Jeanne Kelsay owns Kelsay Consulting, Inc., a public relations, promotion and marketing consultancy. She was president of Curtis Publishing Company for 10 years and the founding director of the Indiana AIDS Fund. She and Rod have two married sons and twin grandsons.

Ann and Bill Moreau are the co-founders of ICEF. Ann is a retired educator, association executive and public servant. Bill has been a newspaper reporter, college instructor, public servant and lawyer. Bill serves as ICEF’s president. They have been married for 40 years, and have three married children and five grandchildren.



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